The problem we're solving

As an Arab satirical news website, we believe that independent media is crucial to healthy, functioning societies, where individuals are capable of democratic debate and are able to grapple with fundamental questions of identity, basic rights and freedoms, and how they relate to the world.

We utilise our creative journalistic platform to highlight untruths, propaganda and disinformation, as well as to inform people on political, social and economic issues with a satirical twist. 


The people* behind AlHudood

We are a global team of multi-talented individuals, who believe that satire can help promote vital values like free expression, critical thinking and democratic change.

We already have some amazingly talented people in the team, but we have more positions to fill for the next chapter of the organisation’s growth journey.

*We’re working on illustrations and profiles for the actual team, in the mean time, we’re using our esteemed opinion writers.

Our Values

To produce content with the top standards that AlHudood has set out for itself in terms of originality, professionalism, and impact.  

Every piece of content we produce needs to add value to the reader somehow.

As we work to critique the world around us, we are constantly self-reflecting and self-critiquing in the process. 

Constantly learning from our mistakes by analysing our outcomes and listening to readers.

Everything we produce must come from our team based on the daily creative process.

As we expand the team, we recognise the importance of diversity & inclusivity, allowing us to cover issues more critically and thoroughly.

We are always on the lookout for people who share our vision and have what it takes to help us grow. And aside from the vacancies below, if you see a place where you can add value where we might not be aware, we would love for you to reach out.

Graphic Designer

We are looking for a savvy graphic designer with a rich visual background. Ideally,  you will have a sense of humour, understand satire, and capable of translating political satire into complementing visual content. You will play a main role within the editorial team, attending all editorial meetings and collaborating with the team to enrich AlHudood’s content.

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